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Eliminate complication, embrace simplification.

The process of coffee brewing can often prove to be quite cumbersome. More often than not we find ourselves in the realm of adjusting multiple variables to achieve what we perceive to be great tasting coffee. Unfortunately when these variables become so overarching that you lose sight of the end result, the process becomes more of a chore and less of a craft.

Enter Simplify the Brewer, a uniquely designed dripper which exists to instil an easy and effective method of brewing coffee suited to any person that values simplicity.

Formulated to provide an immensely fast flow of water through the bed of coffee, the Simplify incorporates a large 40mm drain hole and is structured to maintain large amounts of airflow throughout the brewer. As well, there is minimal contact made between the filter and the brewer hence reducing bypass and effectively creating somewhat of a double-wall structure that assists beautifully in heat-retention. Manufactured using high quality TROGAMID® CX, the brewer is astoundingly light yet durable and provides optimally low thermal conductivity to maintain a stable temperature throughout the brewing process.

The above design elements provide a suitable platform for an uncomplicated method of one pour for 30 seconds, wait 60 seconds and done - that’s it. Following the recommended recipe below, the resulting cup is refreshingly light yet well balanced and highlights the subtle nuances of whichever coffee you are enjoying.

We are excited to introduce you to Simplify the Brewer, available now in limited quantities.


  • TROGAMID® CX nylon construction (BPA free, food-safe)
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Brews 1-2 cups
  • Simple one-pour method
  • Optimal heat retention for improved extraction
  • Compatible with Kalita wave paper filters (185)


Wash in mild soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

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Recommended Recipe

  • Set filter and rinse
  • Dose 15gm of finely ground coffee
  • Pour water directly in the centre of the grounds
  • Continue pouring to 230g of water in 30 seconds
  • Wait 60 to 90 seconds until all water has drained
  • Swirl, serve and enjoy

Note: Adjust water temperature depending on roast level (eg. 88°c/dark, 92°c/medium, 96°c/light)

Large 40mm drain hole provides fast, unimpeded flow.

Three legs create a gap between the brewer and server to allow air to escape further accelerating the flow.

Pseudo double-wall structure to assist in heat retention, improving extraction throughout the brewing process.

Protrusions at the base of the dripper form to the bottom of the paper filter, urging water to move inside the brewer further increasing extraction yield.